French History Bundle


French History Bundle


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Combination of our French History webinar recordings including:

Napoleon Bonaparte: His Rise, Ruin, and Legacy Webinar by Thomas Banks

Napoleon Bonaparte, whose ambitions, victories, and final defeat at Waterloo changed Europe permanently in the wake of the French Revolution, has inspired historians and students of history for many generations with admiration and hatred alike. On May 25th, Thomas Banks will describe his obscure origins, his rise to power in the aftermath of the Revolution, his triumphs in the field over the several powers of Europe, his downfall, last years in exile, and-most importantly-the altered face of Europe, and the effect of Napoleon on the artistic imagination of his age.


The French Revolution, Romanticism, and the Beginning of the Modern Political Era Webinar by Thomas Banks

“The French Revolution”, an English historian once wrote, “was a like a bomb…which, when it exploded, destroyed its creators.” Its explosion was of a magnitude felt not only within the borders of France, but throughout Europe as well. Neither were its effects limited to the arena of politics either: they extended to the realms of literature, art, and religion. The development of the Romantic movement, the exaltation of the subjective self, and, strangely enough, religious revival all followed close upon this unforgettable moment in European history.
Join Thomas Banks to learn about the historical and ideological causes, enthusiasms, violence, and later echoes of the French Revolution.


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