The Fellowship

A Literary Mentorship Program

Students and teachers have been asking me for years to develop a mentorship program--a way for students to be personally mentored and trained by me, to go deeper into their understanding of literature, literary theory, the imagination, and teaching practices and principles.

To that end, I introduce The Fellowship: A Literary Mentorship Program.


I chose the name Fellowship for several reasons. First, it is an academic term to describe students in the deepest levels of study, but it is also a term which connotes friendship and community, and it is the Medieval name for a group on quest together.

All of these meanings are appropriate to this endeavor.


Join Angelina Stanford and Kelly Cumbee to get to the very heart of how

Stories Will Save the World!

Who is it for?


This intimate Fellowship is for anyone who wants to go deeper in their understanding of how to read and in recovering the lost Intellectual Tradition, as well as learning how to pass along that tradition to others--in your home, in your classroom, in your book club. Wherever you can keep that Tradition alive!



This Fellowship is for students who already have a foundation in my approach to literature and are ready and able to go further up and further in.

Therefore, students must have completed BOTH How to Read Fairy Tales mini-class and How to Read Literature (adult year-long class) before acceptance into the program.

How does the Fellowship Work?


Angelina Stanford and Kelly Cumbee lead students deeper into literary theory, an understanding of the imagination, and teacher training though Zoom book discussions, presentations, and in-person retreats.


NOTE: You may view a recording of our informational Zoom Meeting to hear our vision of this Fellowship for the next group of Fellows.

How Do I Join?

You may view a recording of our informational meeting here to hear our vision of this Fellowship for the next group of Fellows.

The application process will open in February of 2026

and will include a written essay.


Space is extremely limited.

(We are currently limiting enrollment to members of our Patreon community.

You can join the Patreon here.)

Take a Prerequisite Course

Contact Us

Send any questions or concerns to [email protected]

Mail to:
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