About the House of Humane Letters

Over the last decade, a beautiful renaissance has begun to blossom. Students of all ages are discovering how transformative our stories and histories and words are. People are not only eager to provide these often neglected subjects to their children, but they are desperate to redeem their own education as well. What an exciting time for a humanities teacher! 

It has been a tremendous privilege to be a part of this re-awakening. My greatest joy in the world is sharing the gift of stories with eager students. And, one day I met a man who shared this passion with me. A teacher who has also devoted his life to all of the things that I hold dear. In June 2019 we joined both our personal lives and our professional lives.

After months of planning, we are thrilled to announce our new endeavor, the House of Humane Letters. Our vision builds on the work begun by AngelinaStanford.com and includes an expanded online academy with classes in literature, poetry, history, and Latin (and more in the future); more short-term classes and webinars; a publishing house to create even more resources; online conferences; literary retreats; teacher training; and more.

Why the House of Humane Letters?

Mr. Banks and I wanted to choose a name for our new endeavor that reflected our complete vision and summed up what we believe about education. We immediately knew we wanted “Humane Letters” for several reasons. First, humane letters is a Renaissance term for the humanities, and it conveys our love of tradition and approach to teaching these subjects that is deeply rooted in the old ways. Second, the humane letters was a term associated with an educational reform movement in the Renaissance (literae humaniores). And third, we love the use of the word “humane” for its connotation. This is an education for the whole person, a fully human way of learning.

In the same way, we landed on the term “House.” Driving back from our honeymoon, we tossed around potential names and nothing felt right--every word we could think of felt too modern, too progressive, too academic, too cold. And then… House, which is another old term for educational institutions. Here again we had found a word that both conveyed tradition and age--and life. For education is not only for the classroom, but for the home. It’s for study and for life. It’s for people who desire a lifetime of learning in order to become more fully human.

Welcome to the House of Humane Letters: Resources for a More Humane Education.

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