How to Read Literature


High School and Adults

Instructor: Angelina Stanford, MA

Thursdays, 2:30 to 4:00 pm EST

1 High School English Credit

Classes on the 32-Week Schedule run from the week of Aug. 12 through May 9th or Self-Paced

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This class is designed both for Adults and High School Students who are looking for a foundational year in how to read before taking my other classes.

This class will provide training in the skill and art of reading. With a heavy emphasis on learning how to read metaphorically, students will also learn how stories work, the grammar of stories (Bible stories, myths, fairy tales, fables, and legends) and how every story talks to every other story. Learn how to read and how to eavesdrop on the Great Conversation. All of the Great Books are talking to each other. Discover how to hear that conversation and watch books come to life. You will learn how to talk about books by learning how to hear what they are saying.

How is this class different from my other High School classes?  The High School classes are in-depth chronological classes which place classic works of literature in their scholarly tradition and historical, cultural, and literary backgrounds, as well as looking at the chronological development of ideas and form. There will be some of that kind of discussion in this class but the primary focus will be on learning how to read well, slowly, astutely. This class will focus on the skill and art of reading and will then apply and develop those skills over a variety of genres and time periods. 

The Less is More Approach In my classes, I prefer to teach students how to think deeply and engage thoughtfully with the ideas that have shaped us and the world. Therefore, I deliberately limit the number of works we cover.  This allows students to read slowly and truly contemplate what they are reading, rather than rushing through huge reading lists with very little understanding—or enjoyment. Alexander Pope famously wrote, “A little learning is a dangerous thing. Drink deep, or taste not…”  We drink very deeply.

Students (especially those who are not as Humanities oriented) respond very well to the less is more approach.  It is a true delight to watch their confidence and excitement build as they begin to truly understand and enjoy intimidating old books.

Assignments: This is a class that will teach the art and skill of reading well. There are no other assignments other than reading and no grade will be issued.

Self-Paced Option: This class is our most popular self-paced class. Students have access to the streaming videos of the course plus the Canvas Discussion forum for a full year. The classes are not discussion based and instead focus on the skill and art of reading well. Many students even prefer the self-paced option because they can pause and rewind when taking notes.


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