Latin 2

Ages 12+ (8th grade and up)

Instructor: Dr. Anne Phillips, PhD Classical Studies

Tuesdays, Fridays - 2:00-3:30 PM Eastern

1 High School Foreign Language Credit

Classes on the 32-Week Schedule run from the week of Aug. 12 through May 9th or Self-Paced

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This course is the continuation of Latin 1. In this class, students will complete Wheelock’s Latin and practice reading longer and more complex passages from ancient, medieval, and Renaissance authors. The latter half of the course will orient students towards the foundational genres of Roman literature such as epic, history, lyric poetry, epistles, and satire. 

The aim of Latin 2 is twofold: firstly to provide students a strong grammatical and philological foundation that will enable them to read well whether they continue onto Latin 3, college Latin courses, or study independently. Second, and just as importantly, this class aims to encourage a love and understanding of the Latin language and its literature throughout the ages.

Latin 2 Placement: Latin 2 assumes that its students have finished the first 20 chapters of Wheelock’s Latin. Students who have not taken Latin 1 at the House of Humane Letters, but have prior Latin experience can print out our Latin 2 Placement Test at the link below. Please read carefully and print. We suggest that the parent of the prospective student supervise the exam. When it is completed, scan the finished exam and email it to Dr. Phillips at [email protected].

Latin 2 - Policy Guidelines for Live and Self-Paced Students

Due to the nature of a language class, we will have a slightly different policy on how to accommodate both live and self-paced students to ensure that all of our students are receiving the full benefits of the class (as much as possible).

There are 2 potential options:

1) Fully live students. These students will be required to turn in their weekly homework and complete the midterm and final exams. Homework and exams will be made available on Canvas, to be completed on each students’ own time by a certain date. There will be a 1 week window for completing the exam, during which the class will review the material expected on the exams. 
2) Self-Paced Available upon Discussion with the Instructor. Self-Paced students are still required to complete homework and exams in a modified time frame depending on their situation. Self-Paced students are also encouraged to communicate regularly with the instructor about their progress. 
NB: The instructor will not be taking attendance or participation as a specific grade item. Homework is graded on completion and not correctness. Students will receive corrections and feedback on their homework, but only quizzes and exams will be formally graded. 


Teacher Bio

Dr. Phillips received a degree in Latin and Greek from Hillsdale College and completed her PhD in Classical Studies from University of California, Santa Barbara.

In addition to her experience teaching Latin from kindergarten to college students, Dr. Phillips shares with Mr. Banks a great love of the Latin language and especially of the poet Virgil.

We are thrilled that she has joined our team and are eager to offer a thorough and enthusiastic Latin Program.  What other academy can offer Latin classes with not only experienced teachers, but teachers who regularly read The Aeneid in Latin for fun?


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