The World of Saint Augustine

Summer Session Class

Instructor: Thomas Banks

 Monday June 24-Friday June 28, 2024 from 12:00-1:30 PM ET (Live or Later)

Augustine Graphic


There will be no required purchases of any books. Mr. Banks will be referring to several aspects of a number of St. Augustine's written works, from which there will be daily recommended readings. To all of these we will provide online links. 


6/24/24 at 12 PM ET - Session 1

6/25/24 at 12 PM ET - Session 2

6/26/24 at 12 PM ET - Session 3

6/27/24 at 12 PM ET - Session 4

6/28/24 at 12 PM ET - Session 5


In the 5th century A.D., the world of the Roman Empire was slowly dying. Its rulers were increasingly weak, literature and philosophy largely exhausted, the cities and provinces impoverished, the ancient religion and civic patriotism atrophied and enfeebled. Goths, Vandals and Huns spilled over the borders. Men all around fearfully anticipated the end of things. And in a middling town on the edge of Roman Africa a bishop was teaching, arguing and exhorting all who would listen towards the vision of the City of God while the City of Man fell to ruins around them.

Join Thomas Banks for a weeklong course of study as he presents the historical background of Church and Empire during St. Augustine's day, as well as the narrative of his life, teachings, controversies, and influence in the development of Christendom.


$99.00 total (Non-Refundable)

All registrations include lifetime access to the recordings of the class sessions.

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