Ancient Literature (Greece and Rome)

High School

Instructor: Thomas Banks

 Monday, 11:00-12:30 PM Eastern

1 High School English Credit

Classes on the 32-Week Schedule run from the week of Aug. 12 through May 9th or Self-Paced

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A year-long in-depth study of the literature of the Greeks and the Romans. Each work will be placed in its own historical and philosophical setting. A main purpose of this course is to give the student a richer understanding of the pre-Christian classical world and its religious, literary and intellectual ideals. This class and the ancient history course are designed as each other’s complement, and it is recommended but not required that the student who enrolls in this class also consider enrolling in Mr. Banks’ Readings in Ancient History Course as well.

There will be a minimum of graded assignments in this class. At the end of first and second semesters, each student will compose an essay describing what he or she has learned in each of the books we have read together, and the significance of each of these books and authors within the culture of classical antiquity.

All of our classes are available as self-paced classes. The self-paced option allows a student to view the classes on their own time. The content of the course is exactly the same, but there are no writing assignments and no grades issued for the high school courses. The self-paced option gives a student access to the streaming videos of the course for a full year. The classes are not discussion based and focus rather on the art and skill of reading well, and in the high school classes, on the Intellectual Tradition of a work. Students from all over the world choose the self-paced option.

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